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Mobile Security Robot

Guardamate Mobile Security Robots enhance crime deterrence and the overall safety of your premises through mobile patrolling, advanced observation, automated reporting and real-time response.

Peace through superior precision, consistency and performance at a lower cost

Enhanced Field Supervision

The robot's advanced observation and automated incident reporting, enables rapid and effective response

Data-driven Operations

Simultaneously collecting and analyzing real-time connected data results in accurate decision-making

Reduced Security Cost

Security solutions consisting of both guards and robots significantly minimize security expenditure

Advanced Customer Service

Instant response to customer inquiries while physically present in the field, elevates the security brand’s customer experience

Extended Operational Uptime

Consistent 24/7 robot operation eliminates the hassles of staffing, scheduling and operational downtimes

Reinforced Security Brand Posture

Utilizing sophisticated cutting-edge technologies strengthen brand positioning

Product Overview

Smart Patrolling

Remote Navigation and Monitoring

Autonomous Mobility
Self Driving, Predefined Routines

Security Detection

Suspicious Activities
 Hiding Behind Cars, Biking in Parking Lots

Unlawful Actions
Trespassing, Theft and Break-in

Parking Violations
Unauthorized and Unpaid Parking

Reporting and Analytics

Incident Reports
Security Threats, Facility Management, Customer Interactions

Data Analytics
Parking Occupancy, Alarm Data, Traffic Counting and Flow

Customer Service

Customer Support
Two-way Video Intercom

Customer Inquiries
Vehicle Locating Assist, FAQ

Announcements and Alarms

Platform Integration

Security Solutions
Access Control Systems, Video Surveillance, Intrusion, Fire Detection

Management Solutions
Guard Tour Systems

Parking Solutions
Parking Enforcement Systems


360 Degrees Fisheye Cameras

Security Surveillance and Teleoperation

PTZ Camera With Night Vision

Security Inspection

Thermal Camera

Human and Fire Detection

Lidar Scanner

Autonomous Navigation

Powerful Spotlights

Security Inspection

Emergency Lights

Security Response

Warning Beacon

Operational Visibility

Two-Way Audio and Video Intercom

Customer Service


Alarm and Broadcasting

Radar Sensor

Collision Avoidance

Standard Driving Lights

Movement Visibility

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